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Customer Care

Welcome! We appreciate you visiting our site. We are thankful for every visitor and want to make your experience at Initial Proper Gift Company the BEST!

If the information you are seeking is missing, please contact customer care ( You can also contact customer care if necessary via telephone at 813.695.1220. We are happy to help in anyway we can, answering questions, clarifying information, or assisting you in getting your purchase just right.

**Please be aware that our FINAL date for Christmas orders this year is DECEMBER 8th, 2015 @ 12 NOON eastern time!**


Please read these few notes carefully! We really want your purchase to be enjoyed and you to get the best use of your purchase possible. Our products have all been hand selected to exceed your expectations.

  • We recommend storing all jewelry (while not the most fashionable) in ziplock bags. Oxidation is the enemy of jewelry and keeping pieces in an airtight storage is your best bet for good maintenance! Normal wear and tear policies apply to all jewelry. Gold overlay will wear off with extended wear, we offer re-dipping at a charge. Unfortunately, tarnishing and discoloration can occur with improper care, and we cannot be held responsible.
  • Proper tech cases should all be used at your discretion. Initial Proper is in NO WAY responsible for any damage or breakage of ANY tech device, such as ipad, ipad mini, cell phones, kindle or any other brand.
  • Initial Proper will not replace your case for damages as a direct result of any of the following reasons. Please know that Proper Tech Cases (including Otterbox brand) can possibly get damaged or break completely if misused, dropped from any height, run over, submerged, or applied / removed incorrectly. Please know your claim for a refund or new product cannot be honored based on these reasons.
  • Please be aware that hand sanitizers and lotions will remove the printing on your Otterbox Case or Cell Case. Try avoid using these products while handling your case.